Man Who Knew 1956
The Man Who Knew Too Much
is a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1956. It was a remake of his 1934 film The Man Who Knew Too Much.


A doctor from Indiana and his wife, a former singer, visit Morrocco on vacation. While visiting the African country, the couple witness a murder, and shortly thereafter their son is kidnapped.


Background InformationEdit

After days of shooting when Hitchcock had not said one word about her performance, Doris Day generously offered to have herself replaced. Hitchcock was shocked by her offer, and insisted that his lack of criticism was a good thing, as he had found nothing in her performance to criticize. The two then got on very well.

The song "Que Sera Sera" won the Academy Award for Best Song of 1956, and became one of Doris Day's most famous and succesful recordings.

This was the first and only time Hitchcock attempted a remake of his own film.

The conductor at the concert is played by film composer Bernard Herrmann, although the piece he is conducting was not written by him, but was taken from the original film.