Summer Shade is an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. It originally aired on January 10, 1961.


The Kendalls move into their new home in a rural area of Massassuchetts, just outside of Salem. They are concerned that their 9-year old daughter Kate won't make any friends until school starts in a few weeks. They're quite pleased when she tells them she's met Lettie another girls her age. They worry however when despite repeated attempts, they never seem to meet Lettie and think that Kate's playmate may be imaginary. The lady from whom they bought the house and who babysits from time to time finds a solution for them in the form of Judy, a 9 year old girl who also needs a playmate. A solution that pleases everyone, even if the girl's parents don't quite realize what has happened


Background InformationEdit

John Hoyt and Susan Gordon previously worked together in the film Attack of the Puppet People.

Film ConnectionsEdit

Veronica Cartwright appeared in The Birds