Strangers on a train
Strangers on a Train is a film made by Alfred Hitchcock in 1951.


Bruno Antony and Guy Haines are two strangers who meet on a train by accident - Guy is a professional tennis player and Bruno a huge fan. As the train continues on its journey, Bruno shares an idea he once had - two men who meet by chance swap murders. He then proposes a strange thing - if he disposes of Guy's unfaithful wife, Guy should murder Bruno's father in exchange. There's no connection between the two men and the police would never be able to connect them. Guy dismisses the theory as idle chit chat, but all that changes when his estranged wife is murdered.


Background InformationEdit

Robert Walker died five months after the films release, as a result of doctor's negligence. This was among the last (and by most accounts best) performances of his career.

As of 2011, Patricia Hitchcock is the last surviving member of the cast.

Patricia Hitchcock directed the sequence which contains her father's cameo.