Revenge is the first episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents originally airing October 2, 1955.


A newlywed couple moves to a trailer park to relax, as the wife has recently suffered a nervous breakdown. After the husband returns from work, he finds his wife in shock, after being assaulted by an unknown man. He later takes his wife for a drive into town, hoping that she will recognize the attacker, so he can kill him.

Afterword Edit

Alfred Hitchcock: Well, they were a pathetic couple. We had intended to call that one "Death of a Salesman", but there were protests from certain quarters. Naturally, Elsa's husband was caught, indicted, tried, convicted, sentenced and paid his debt to society for taking the law into his own hands. You see, crime does not pay. Not even on television. You must have a sponsor. Here is ours, after which I'll return.



Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Notes and Trivia Edit

Video Edit

Revenge (Alfred Hitchcock Presents)26:17

Revenge (Alfred Hitchcock Presents)

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