is the second episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.


Good evening. Have you ever had a premonition, a feeling that something dreadful was about to happen? I mention that, obviously, because tonight's play is about a young man named Kim Stanger, about his strange homecoming, and of the mystery he found when he arrived. Follow him, if you will, as he attempts to unravel this mystery, hindered at every step by his friends, and haunted always by a vague sense of forboding. This story is appropriately entitled "Premonition." I defy you to guess the nature of Kim Stanger's premonition, although we shall give you numerous clues in the prologue which we will now present immediately.


A succesful musician named Kim Stanger returns to his hometown without warning. Several members of the community are surprised and disturbed by his appearance. Kim's brother and his new wife give him the startling news that his father died, four years ago. However, Kim soon finds evidence that their story is false, and goes on a search to uncover the truth.


Film ConnectionsEdit

John Forsythe appeared in The Trouble With Harry.

Cloris Leachman later appeared in the Mel Brooks spoof of Hitchcock's films, High Anxiety.