Beta Delta Gamma is an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. It originally aired on November 14, 1961.


At a frat house party, Alan accepts a challenge and drinks a whole pitcher of beer without stopping for a breath. He soon passes out and his friends decide to give him a scare by setting a mock death scene. They put a poker in his hand and one of the party goers is made up as a corpse. Thinking he has actually killed someone, Alan decides to do something about it.


Background InformationEdit

Barbara Harris's television debut.

Joel Crothers appeared in the original television series of Dark Shadows. Barbara Steele would later appear in the 1991 revival series of Dark Shadows.

Barbara Harris and Severn Darden later worked together on the stage and are generally acknowledged as pioneers in improv theater.

Film ConnectionsEdit

Barbara Harris (who made her debut in this episode) would later star in Family Plot.